These Triplets Get their Ultrasound on TV…Are They Having Triplet Babies?

These three beautiful triplets are pregnant at the same time – and are just weeks apart of each other’s pregnancy.

Considering how rare it is to have three sisters, let alone triplets, pregnant at the same time TV show The Doctors decided to feature these lovely women. They agreed to get their ultrasound on TV.

The question on everyone’s minds is whether these triplets are pregnant with triplets. If that is the case, then there would be 9 babies for this family this year. You can’t surely top that! LOL

Together with their husbands [who look different and are NOT triplets!], the ladies went on to get their first ultrasound on TV. When asked whether they wanted to have triplets like themselves, all the ladies replied with a big “NO!”. They feel alright with twins but not with two.

So, do you think they are having triplets, too?

Watch this video to discover how many babies they are having:

Multiple Births

Have you noticed how multiple births have gotten much attention in recent times? More and more people are getting pregnant with twins but many also have babies of more than four at a time!

The reason for this is that fertility drugs and treatments have not only helped people have babies, but in many cases, these babies are not singletons. The stimulation from these treatments appears to produce more eggs that also get fertilized along with the others.

Of course, this is not to say that fertility treatment always produces multiple births. Also, multiple births can be risky to the mother and her children, so it is very important to only use fertility treatments with the guidance of medical practitioners.

Now, there are many multiple pregnancies that occur naturally – without drugs and fertility treatments. Oftentimes, these multiple births are genetic in nature, meaning the family on either or both sides has a history of multiple births. There are instances, however when multiple births occur in a couple who does not have a history of multiple births in the family and was not undergoing fertility treatments.

And just like the triplets in the video above, being a baby from a multiple birth does not mean you would always have multiple births, too. It was pure luck [or fate?] that these triplets were pregnant at the same time and all carrying singletons.

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