Injured Dog in Istanbul Knew Exactly Where to Find Help, Finds Treatment in Pharmacy

We have long known that dogs are smart, but one dog recently went viral for proving this point when it went to a pharmacy to find help – and knew exactly what to do, even if it was just walking by itself!

Book author Arsia Rozegar shared CCTV footage taken inside a pharmacy in Istanbul, Turkey.

Photo credit: Arsia Rozegar / Facebook

In the clip that has gone viral on Facebook, a dog could be seen stepping inside the store, seemingly able to identify the pharmacy as a place where he could find help. As he entered the pharmacy, the dog could be seen sniffing around and seemingly checking out the display.

A dog from inside the pharmacy went to the door and appeared to welcome the newcomer.

Photo credit: Arsia Rozegar / Facebook

Someone from the pharmacy thought the dog was looking for food. So, she took out their dog’s food bowl and offered this to the brown dog. Instead of accepting the food, however, the dog extended its paw towards the woman.

Photo credit: Arsia Rozegar / Facebook

At first, the woman thought the dog was saying “thank you” for the food, but as the dog appeared to insist that she check its paw. The canine offered its front paw repeatedly to the woman, making her realize that it might be asking for help.

After checking the paw, she found that dog was injured. In the second part of the video, the woman could be seen treating the dog. Though it must have hurt when the medicine was placed on its injured paw, the smart dog did its best to stay calm. When the treatment was done, it laid down on the floor to relax. This is a smart dog.

Photo credit: Arsia Rozegar / Facebook

Watch the video here:

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