Deaf Dad Shares Sweet Moment that 1-Year-Old Daughter ‘Interprets’ for Him for the First Time

A deaf dad was so surprised and touched when his 1-year-old daughter ‘interpreted’ for him for the first time – and the sweet moment quickly went viral on TikTok.

Sweet Toddler ‘Interprets’ for Deaf Dad

Kids can be really observant. That’s proven by a 1-year-old girl in a recent video that shows how she ‘interpreted’ for her deaf dad.

Zach, who goes by the TikTok username @oursignedworld, is deaf, but his daughter can hear.

Photo credit: @oursignedworld

The little girl must have been observing her father’s interaction with other people around them – and has also learned to pick up some words in sign language.

While the family was out at what appears to be a shopping center, the little girl suddenly dropped the things that she was doing and faced her dad. She made gestures on her face that many people might not understand or will feel puzzled about.

But Zach was shocked. Apparently, this 1-year-old girl who could barely talk on her own as well, was trying to communicate with her dad and tell him that somewhere in that store a baby was crying. She could be seen making gestures on her face and even pointed to her dad the direction of the crying baby.

Though it might seem like an ordinary thing for most people, Zach was so touched by his little daughter’s deed.

Photo credit: @oursignedworld

This was a WOW moment 🤭 #deaf #deafdad #coda #fatherdaughter #daddysgirl #viral #4u #fyp #ForzaHorizon5GO #signlanguage #asl #toddlersigning,” he happily wrote on TikTok while sharing this beautiful video.

Naturally, the internet fell in love with the little girl. Many think that she’s raised quite well and is truly a sweet little girl for doing this for her dad.


This was a WOW moment 🤭 #deaf #deafdad #coda #fatherdaughter #daddysgirl #viral #4u #fyp #ForzaHorizon5GO #signlanguage #asl #toddlersigning

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How to Learn Sign Language

The best way to learn sign language is to enroll in sign language classes.

Another way to do it is to watch sign language tutorial videos or join a sign language group.

You can also download apps.

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