Top 6 Business Ideas You Can Start at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing people to stay at home. But instead of spending your extra time watching Netflix or doing movie marathons, you can do lots of productive stuff that can let you earn money!

The following are top 6 business ideas that you can start at home. You just might enjoy your time at home as you earn money through these tips.

Private Tutorial Services

With schools being done at home these days, a lot of parents are struggling with how they can teach their kids while also juggling time for work. If you’re patient and willing to relearn things in school, then you can provide private tutorial services.

Just like how schools are being done online these days, you can offer your services online as well. There are plenty of apps to let you achieve that without leaving your home.

Virtual Assistant

There are already so many offices and private companies hiring virtual assistants because of the pandemic. But even before COVID-19, this job is already a good option to do at home. If you have the skills and patience for this kind of job, being a virtual assistant can earn you good money.

Content Writing

More people are spending more time on their smartphones than on their TVs. A lot are using online sources for news, information, and other things they need. You’ll realize that there are also plenty of companies searching for talented writers.

If content writing is your forte, you can jump right into this bandwagon and earn money while enjoying your time at home.

Drop Shipping

There has been a sharp rise in online shopping orders since the pandemic. With so many people doing their shopping online, this can be a good way to earn money. If you are afraid that your stocks might not be sold out, you can try drop shopping.

In this kind of business, you actually act as middleman between the main business and the customer. You share the seller’s items on your page or social media site to get orders, then the seller is the one to make the deliveries. You don’t have to worry about storage, packing, and sending orders out.

Live Selling

Other sellers have found better business in live selling. In this kind of business, you show the stuff you sell to your customers who can quickly make orders based on the items you show on the screen.

This works to both your advantage. The seller gets to check the item and ask questions before buying, while the seller reaches more customers and doesn’t have to bother taking pictures and writing descriptions of each item.

Food Delivery Business

If you know how to cook, then this business is simply perfect. You pick what items you wish to sell for your food delivery business. Make sure to take good photos but also be honest with what you are selling. Customers hate false advertisements but will surely become repeat buyers if they like your products.

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