LOOK: This 92-Year-Old Lady is McDonald’s Oldest Employee!

How do you imagine yourself at 92 years old? While many of us would wish we would still be alive and kicking at 92, in reality, a lot of us would probably die earlier than that while the rest might still reach the age but would be confined to their beds – it is a fact in life.

Still, there are others who are blessed with long lives – but they are not just alive and thriving, they are also active and healthy!

Take Madam Goh Gwek Eng of Bedok, Singapore, for example. This lady is amazingly healthy at 92 years old and is recognized as McDonald’s oldest worker! We admire the fast food chain for accepting Madam Goh into their fold yet we truly admire the lady herself for her perseverance! Imagine still working hard at 92? I can’t seem to imagine myself still up and working at that age!

Well, Madam Goh wasn’t always working at McDonald’s. In fact, she had been a housewife most of her life. With 5 kids to take care of, working was probably never part of her plan in life. But after all her children have families of their own, giving her 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren, Madam Goh did not know what else she could do in life.

In 1998, Madam Goh finally sought the help of one of her granddaughters who found her a job at a McDonald’s outlet at Bedok Interchange just a 20-minute walk from her house. Her experience as in the kitchen prepared her for the McDonald’s job; though she needs a little help with carrying heavy items and cooking fries because of her old age – but at 92, that’s still quite awesome, right?

Plus, her co-workers are always willing to assist Madam Goh in the difficult tasks but she soon got adept in preparing anything on the menu.

And though the work is physically demanding, especially for someone her age, McDonald’s says she loves doing it and would continue working as long as her health allows because the job keeps her active and gives her a sense of worth.