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Time Traveler From 2030 Claims to Meet Himself 40 Years in the Future

A man who recently claimed that he is from the year 2030 reportedly passed a lie detector test while revealing weirdly specific predictions that may happen to the humanity in the future. The self-styled time-traveler, who introduced himself as Noah, begged to stay anonymous and claims that he might get assassinated if he will reveal what the future will hold.

Future Predictions

In a Youtube video, Noah, whose face and voice have been distorted to hide his real identity due to his fear of being assassinated, making a number of claims.

Among his claims include current United States President Donald Trump to win a second term in the White House and to get re-elected in 2020. He also predicted another future leader, who will be a US president in 2030, by the name of Ilana Remikee.

According to him, there will be powerful computers that will be worn like Google-style glasses and a revolution in Artificial Intelligence. He also claimed that humans will reach the planet Mars in 2028, the same year when time travel will be discovered.

To prove everything, Noah took a lie-detector test. [Image Credit: ApexTV / Youtube]
To prove everything, Noah took a lie-detector test. [Image Credit: ApexTV / Youtube]
To prove his claims, he agreed to take a lie-detector test, where the machine verified that his predictions are all true. He also claimed that he has “hard evidence” to back up his predictions. Noah says that his mission is to tell everyone in the world about what will happen in the future and that he is risking his life to travel back in time. According to him, he’s 50 years old but he took an age-reversing drug to make him 25 years old again.

I want to be clear.. my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists.

In fact I, myself, am a time traveller.

The test states that he is telling the truth. [Image Credit: ApexTV / Youtube]
The test states that he is telling the truth. [Image Credit: ApexTV / Youtube]

Meeting Himself 40 Years in the Future

Noah also claims that the person he is meeting is a version of himself from the year 2070 as shocking evidence proved that they are both the same person. According to him, the person showed a bunch of personal information, things that he did, and all the sequences of events.

He showed a bunch of personal information, he said a bunch of things about what I did, he said all the sequence of events and stuff since I came back from 2017.

He said everything that I did, and this is the type of stuff that someone would have to stalk me for my whole life to figure out.

Obviously it would be really hard for him to figure out all of this information.

There is no way that he could figure all this out unless he stalked me from the very beginning.

I believe he is me from the future.

Noah claims that the person he met is him 40 years from now. [Image Credit: ApexTV / Youtube]
Noah claims that the person he met is him 40 years from now. [Image Credit: ApexTV / Youtube]
Noah from 2070 said that future cars will be able to take people to destinations almost instantaneously and satellites will be used to wage wars. However, he was unable to disclose what countries are involved in the space war. Per him, he cannot disclose the information as it could lead to a time paradox. He also has a microchip inside him that prevents paradoxes so they don’t stay out of order.

You may watch the video of the meeting here:

What do you think about this? Do you think these claims might happen in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!


Triplets Wow Netizens after Graduating from College, All as ‘Cum Laude’




Triplets Ace Pagaran, Jack Pagaran and King Pagaran, have wowed netizens recently after graduating from college, all with the flying colors as ‘cum laude’!

Certainly, this was something that they can all be proud of.

In a post on Facebook, Ace Pagaran shared photos of him and his siblings, proudly sharing that they were told they made history when they all graduated as ‘cum laude’ from college.

The three finished their Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with honors at the Isabela State University Cabagan Campus of the Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture (PTIA).

Graduating as cum laude is certainly a great honor but sharing this with your siblings, as triplets, makes the honor thrice more awesome!

Photo credit: Ace Pagaran / Facebook

In the post, Ace thanked their parents Leliza Pagaran and Sonny Pagaran for the support given to them all. According to Ace, their parents were deep in debt but never failed in supporting the three of them and sending them to school.

He also thanked their grandparents, uncles, aunties, and all relatives and friends of the Baldugo – Pagaran Family. He said that the words “Thank You” are not enough for everything that these people had done to them; but he wants to thank them a lot for the help they bestowed upon him and his brothers.

Ace ends his post with words of thanks to their alma maters, schools that had helped shape the three of them to what they are today: Naganacan Elementary School, The Sisters of Mary School Boystown Adlas Campus, and, of course, the Isabela State University Cabagan Campus of the Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture (PTIA).

A lot of netizens congratulated the three, saying that they were greatly amazed by these triplets’ triple achievement. Surely, this was not a common thing – and that makes their achievement even better!

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Netizen Shares Creepy Experience as ‘Ghost’ Rides Grab Taxi




Do you believe in ghosts? While many of us no longer believe in ghosts, saying that those are just products of someone’s vivid imagination, there are also things that are difficult to explain — and some can even be detected by the lens of a modern camera! Wow.

Pilipino Star shares the creepy experience of netizen Sam Andrew Lee when a ‘ghost’ rides the Grab taxi he got.

The post has since gone viral — and for good reason.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sam Andrew Lee

According to Lee, he was just heading to Oasis and had hailed the Grab car at exactly 12 midnight last June 11 when he noticed that there was another passenger inside the vehicle when he got inside.

A few minutes into the ride, after checking that the other passenger was still sitting at the third row, he asked the driver why he was sharing the ride with another passenger when he didn’t actually choose GrabShare but a GrabCar!

Much to his surprise and fear, the driver was actually surprised with his question and told him there was no other passenger in the car, only him. When Lee turned around, the other passenger was gone!

Photo credit: Facebook / Sam Andrew Lee

That was the first hint that the other passenger was a ghost or some lost soul; however, minutes into the ride, the other ‘passenger’ appeared at the back row again! While he did feel a bit scared now and could feel the ghost’s strong presence at the back, Lee was actually brave enough to take a selfie and really wished the ghost would manifest itself in the picture.

When he finally took the photo, the entity could be clearly seen in the background; though it was grey and was looking rather grim.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sam Andrew Lee

That’s rather scary, right? Lee showed the photo to the driver who got really scared at this point, admonishing him for showing him the photo and telling him he should probably get off near the driver’s house, then the driver will just find another GrabCar for him — but Lee was too scared as well to agree to that. Oooops.

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Daughter of ‘Basurero’ Graduates from College, Inspires Netizens




How much does a ‘basurero’ (garbage collector) earn from his job?

For 51-year-old Tatay Cristito Quimado, it is actually around Php500 per day – and he uses this money wisely to send his five kids to school! Last April, one of them graduated from college, and this superb dad could not help but cry over their collective success.

In a feature video on GMA Public Affairs’ #DigiDokyu, Tatay Cristito cried as he admitted that he tries his best to send his children to school because in his poverty, education is the only thing that he could ever give them as a form of inheritance.

Photo credit: GMA Public Affairs / YouTube

Alas-tres pa lang ng umaga, namamasura na ang 51-anyos na si Tatay Cristito. Mahigit dalawang dekada na niya itong ginagawa hanggang sa nito lang Abril, napagtapos na niya ang anak sa kolehiyo! Maantig sa kanyang kuwento ng pagsusumikap at sakripisyo sa video na ito!” the video was captioned.

Poor as he might be, Tatay Cristito was proud that he was able to send his daughter, Jenny Rose Quimado, to college.

But Jenny Rose’s graduation isn’t the end of Tatay Cristito’s financial challenges as a dad because he still has to send the rest of his children to college as well.

Sa awa ng Diyos, isa na ang napatapos ko. Apat pa. Hanggang malakas ako, pipilitin kong makatapos sila. Iyong pag-aaral nila, hindi ko pinababayaan kasi iyon lang ang ano [maibibigay] ko sa kanila, makatapos sila,” he added.

Mahirap kasi marami akong anak, e. Pero kahit mahirap kinakaya ko. Minsan nga, wala kaming makain, e.

Tatay Cristito admits to having mixed emotions every time he hears someone ask his children what their father did for a living; however, his children are always proud of his job!

Pag tinatanong, ‘Ano’ng trabaho ng tatay mo?’ (Ang isasagot niya ay,) ‘Basurero.’ Hindi siya nahihiya,” he said.

Indeed, Jenny Rose is proud of her father.

Proud ako kasi napagtapos niya ako sa pagbabasura niya and alam kong mapapagtapos niya rin ang mga kapatid ko,” she said.

Nagpapasalamat po ako sa Diyos kasi siya iyong naging tatay ko. Kasi hindi naman po masama iyong trabaho niya at marangal po siya, kahit maliit po iyong kinikita niya, at least, wala po siyang ginagawang masama.

Watch their story here:

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