This Simple-Looking Wedding Cake is Magical! Especially When the Lights Start Dancing…

During a wedding, the couple surely wants to have the best wedding cake they could share with their guests; thus, one would expect wedding cakes to be grand and elaborate.

So, when one couple chose a rather bare and very simple 5-tiered cake with a simple castle topping, the guests must have been puzzled why they chose this boring design. If I had attended that wedding, I would surely have that reaction.

Well, the answer to the puzzle was quite simple: the cake is not what it seems. Although boring and simple at first, the cake turns into something magical when the projector lights were turned on. Magical creatures began appearing on the cake, with Tinkerbell sprinkling pixie dust and flying on the surface of this beautiful cake. It is amazing!

A lot of couples might want to try this awesome cake for their wedding; though I suspect this is pricier than already costly wedding cakes. Still, for a once-in-a-lifetime event, a lot of couples would surely be willing to shell out a few extra bucks to have this awesome masterpiece.

Check out the video and be amazed with this cool wedding cake:

Unique Wedding Cakes

With wedding cakes being the focal point of the reception, it is but natural that couples would want theirs to be the best of the lot. Thus, you can see a trend of grand, elaborate cakes with breathtaking designs.

Most of the wedding cakes are made with fondant as this material is great for creating stunning designs and brilliant colors. Also, the material holds up better than its “ordinary” counterparts.

Still, even with the best materials on hand, it is still up to the cake’s creator to create the stunning effects; thus, it is important to find cake-makers who can actually manage to make these grand cakes. It would be a great idea to check out actual photos of the cake-makers works before signing the deal for a superb wedding cake.

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