This Overly Photogenic “Carrot Man” from the Cordilleras Is Driving Netizens Crazy

Edwina T. Bandong was heading towards Sagada when she spotted a young farmer from Kadaclan in Mountain Province. Mesmerized by his appeal, Bandong snapped several photos of him.

A quick glance at his photos will make you assume that he came straight out of your mother’s favorite Koreanovela. But surprisingly, this young man actually lives in the highlands of Cordillera.

Netizens dubbed the attractive farmer as the “carrot man” after Bandong posted photos of him carrying carrots on her Facebook account. Bandong’s post has gone viral and was even shared on the Facebook page of Positive Outlook Plus.  With the help of some “resourceful” netizens, they were able to identify the good-looking man in the viral photos.

The man in the viral photos was identified as Jeyrick Sigmaton, a member of the Igorot tribe. Because of his East Asian features, netizens have stressed his uncanny resemblance with Korean celebrities such as Jang Geun Suk and Cho Min-ho.

carrot man jeyrick sigmaton

Photo Credit : Edwina T. Bandong

While many have expressed their fondness of Sigmaton by creating a fan page for him on Facebook, many netizens are encouraging mainstream media to feature Sigmaton. According to them, this will help Sigmaton get opportunities in showbiz.

Overly photogenic "Carrot Man" is breaking the social media viral scene. Edwina T. Bandong shared these photos on her…

Posted by Positive Outlook Plus on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Do you think “carrot man” has what it takes to make it in Philippine showbiz?

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