This Hot Dog Drawing Is So Good It Looks Very Real

Everyone loves a good artwork.

These days, finding and appreciating great pieces have become much easier because of the internet. If most of your friends are into art, you’ll surely see amazing illustrations pop up into your social media feed from time to time.

Like this one, probably.

Photo credit: Howard Lee

Photo credit: Howard Lee

This hot dog drawing by awesome artist Howard Lee is so realistic, it has netizens impressed and baffled.

To make things interesting, he filmed the process and uploaded the footage over at his YouTube channel. The video opens up showing the real hot dog beside the fake one. Howard then put some ketchup and mustard on both before slicing it up, revealing which one is real and which one is merely a drawing.

This is really a mind-blowing illusion.

You can watch the video here:

Howard Lee is definitely one hot artist to watch. I can’t wait to see more of his upcoming stuff. For more of his fantastic realistic artwork, you can follow him on Instagram or subscribe to his channel over at YouTube.

You’ll surely love his work. I’d recommend you check out his creepy “Horror Hand! 3D Trick Art” or the fun “Play Spot The Jelly Bean!” Those ones will surely mess with your mind.

3D Drawing Style

Lately, a lot of 3D art enthusiasts have popped up in the internet. So many of them, like the piece above by Howard Lee, are incredibly stunning.

For the most part, the artists use principles of isometric projection and graphical perspective for their illustrations. On top of that, they use various drawing and coloring tools such as Prismacolors, Copic markers to make their art look more realistic.

Most of the artists who do these illustrations rely on traditional techniques and tools, as opposed to utilizing software and digital tricks to achieve the desired effects.


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