Indian Researcher Creates Edible Spoons and Forks

What if we could eat our spoons and forks instead of washing them or using disposable plastic ones? Well, this idea is now a reality with Bakey’s edible cutlery.

Narayana Peesapaty, a researcher and agriculture consultant from India, once thought of creating edible cutlery as he was already tired of the fact that billions of plastic spoons are polluting India’s landfills every year. So in 2010, he developed an edible spoon from millet, rice and wheat flours. He has already sold 1.5 million edible spoons through his company, Bakeys, and he wants to produce more at a cheaper price.

Plastic is very cheap, true. But I can make it as cheap. I can with volumes, and once I get the volumes, I [can go to] the farmers directly and start procuring raw material directly from the farmers, in which case my spoons will be as cheap as the plastic spoons.

But there’s more to these edible cutleries. They are also highly nutritious and environment friendly. They also come in different flavors as well.

You can eat it up. If you don’t want to eat it, you can throw it. It decomposes within four to five days.

Aside from the goal of making the edible cutleries as cheap as plastic, Peesapaty would also like to create and expand a whole new line of edible tableware like disposable cups, plates, and other tableware. They now currently have molds to produce chopsticks, dessert spoons, and forks, as well.

Narayana Peesapaty

Narayana Peesapaty chews off of an edible spoon he created.
Photo Credit: Youtube / The Better India

As of this writing, Bakeys already has 2,856 backers and $88,529 pledges from their $20,000 goal at Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website, and has listed in the website that a new facility that can produce 800,000 spoons a day is in the works. They also plan to produce and distribute other tableware within three months.

Watch the video here:

The Edible Spoon Maker

The Edible Spoon Maker, a device that can create edible spoons, is also on Kickstarter. It could create edible spoons out of any kind of dough. It was created by Anatoliy Omelchenko, founder of The Triangle Tree, a company that conceptualizes, brainstorms, prototypes and patents new innovative products based in Greater New York City Area.

Source: Mashable