Couple Wakes Up to Mysterious Dog Sleeping in Their Bed

Many pet owners love to cuddle with their pets in bed, allowing their fur babies to sleep with them. But one couple wakes up to a mysterious dog sleeping in their bed – and it’s even a “fearsome breed” of dog. What do you think happened when it finally woke up?

Couple Finds Mysterious Dog in Their Bed

Do you let your dog sleep in your bed? Many fur parents do that – and that’s great for many families, even those with small kids.

For Julie Johnson and her husband, having dogs in their bed isn’t something new.

So, when she woke up one night to find a warm body in their bed, Julie didn’t think much about it and went right back to sleep.

mysterious dog

Photo credit: Julie Johnson

It was only in the morning when the light showed more of the room that she realized the dog she was cuddling with the night before isn’t actually one of their own! The mysterious dog was sound asleep and felt so right at home on their bed that she found the situation rather hilarious.

Considering how she had cuddled with it the night before, Julie knew that this mysterious creature wasn’t a problem to them or their dogs. But she also realized that this dog must belong to someone who might already be looking for it.

Photo credit: Julie Johnson

So, she took some photos to post on social media in hopes that the big guy’s fur parents might see it soon.

mysterious dog

Photo credit: Julie Johnson

Thankfully, they did! This big baby’s name is Nala and her fur parents soon came to collect her from the Johnson residence. Needless to say, the two families became good friends after that incident.

Considering his size and breed, it was amazing that this dog found the best home it could spend the night in. It was a good thing it was safe and able to go home to his fur parents.

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