This Famous Chef Was Snobbed in Isuzu Bacolod. He Leaves the Showroom and Gets Mitsubishi Strada Instead

All Chef Jun Celis ever wanted was to purchase a D-Max truck from Isuzu. Although he had the money and proper documents to buy one, he failed to take home his dream car for some strange reason: he was wearing a simple clothing.

According to a report by The Daily Pedia, the famous chef from Bacolod and the owner of Virgelio’s Grill chain of restaurants was ignored by salespeople in Isuzu Bacolod because he wasn’t wearing an impressive clothing. Clad in simple shirt, shorts, and slippers, Celis was not entertained by the salespeople and was passed from one agent to another.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Pedia

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Pedia

When Celis tried to ask for the price of the Isuzu D-Max, the front desk officer even gave him a rude answer and made him wait for five minutes.

Desperate to know why he was being treated that way, Celis asked the security guard if it had something to do with his outfit. Celis got his answer when the security guard flashed a smile at him.

Clearly, this is not the exact treatment any customer would expect from salespeople.

Disappointed by what happened, Celis decided to go home and call his bank to order a Mitsubishi Strada. Two hours later, his new car was delivered at his doorstep.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Pedia

PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Pedia

Chef Celis’ story should serve as a reminder to everyone not to judge a person based on his or her appearance.

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