Teenager Gets Her First Haircut after 16 Years

While some people have haircut as part of their routine, some people choose to have their hair trimmed whenever they feel that their life is about to change.

For 16 years, Roxy decided not to have her Rapunzel-like hair chopped. But as she is about to enter adulthood, the young lass opted to let go of most of her locks and donate it to Beautiful Length charity.

“I decided to cut my hair because it is time. I’m going to college in January, I’m growing up and I’m gonna be 17 in March,” Roxy told Seventeen magazine.

With the help of Hollywood hairstylist Danilo, who previously worked with Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani, and Seventeen Magazine, Roxy finally got her much-needed haircut after more than a decade of growing it.

Watch Roxy get her first haircut ever!

Common Hair Problems

No matter what kind of hair you have, you get to experience trouble with your hair at one point in your life. From dry hair to tangles, men and women face hair problems that come in various forms.

Here are some common hair dilemmas as listed by WebMD.

1. Hair Loss

Can you imagine that an average person loses 100 hairs a day?Worry not because this is replaced by new hair. But unusual hair loss can be caused by several factors including pattern baldness, severe infections, hormonal problems, taking of medications, severe stress as well as pregnancy and childbirth. There are various treatments for each causes.

2. Damaged Hair

Hair treatments usually damage our hair leaving it dry, broken, brittle, and unmanageable. Since the hair needs moisture to stay healthy, avoid the following: getting excessive hair treatments, exposing it to the sun, wind and air, and washing it too often.

3. Greasy Hair

Overproduction of the natural oil sebum in our scalp is the culprit for unmanageable greasy hair. Use shampoos specially formulated to control sebum production.

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