This Boy Picks an Ariel Doll from a Toy Store. His Father’s Reaction Is Unbelievable!

How would you react if your son chooses a doll as his birthday present?

California-based filmmaker Mikki Willis faced the same “dilemma” when his four-year-old son Azai decided to bring home a Little Mermaid doll from the toy store. Azai had one of his identical gifts he received on his birthday exchanged from the store.

While most fathers would rather have their son choose something more “manly”, Willis decided to take the road less travelled and support his son’s choice. Regardless of gender norms, Willis allowed his son to take the doll anywhere he wants.

In fact, he even posted a video explaining his decision to embrace Azai’s choice. In his interview with BuzzFeed, Willis revealed that a group of women in a restaurant who gave Azai a disapproving look inspired him to create a video.

In the footage, Willis told his two boys: “You have my promise forever to love you and accept you no matter what life you choose.” 

He and his wife are hoping to share more videos about what they learned as parents.

“It would be a different world if everyone poured love into their children,” he told BuzzFeed.

Watch his viral video below.

Guys Who Tend to Act More Manly More Likely to Be Violent

A recently published study suggests that men who question their manliness are more likely to be violent compared to men comfortable with their own skin.

Based on an online surgery conducted by researchers to 600 American men between the ages 18 and 50, men who believe they should be more manly were more likely to report violent assaults.

Researchers believe that “male discrepancy stress”, which is experienced by males who see themselves as not “man enough”, is the culprit for such behavior.

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