Malaysian Grandma Drives a GrabCar to Support Sick Husband, Mentally Ill Son

It is amazing what people would do for love and to support their families. For example, a grandma in Malaysia recently went viral after a passenger shared her touching story online.

Fedtri Yahya was heading to Labuan, an offshore territory of Malaysia. He booked a ride with Grab but was surprised when his vehicle arrived; he saw that it was driven by an old lady.

He was not scared that the car was being driven by an old woman but was curious why she was doing this. So, Fedtri chatted up with the old lady. It turned out she’s 60 years old.

Photo credit: Fedtri Yahya / The Independent

According to Fedtri, the driver’s name is Misnah Binti Chuminin and she’s been a GrabCar driver for a long time. While she might be old, she did not want to beg for money from other people but has to have enough funds to support her sick husband and their mentally ill son.

Calm and polite, Misnah told Fedtri about her life in all honesty, but not in a way that makes her appear to be begging for help from the passenger. In fact, Misnah does not like to beg; thus, she is doing her best to work as GrabCar driver even if she gets tired from the long hours that she spends driving around the city.

Misnah admits that there are times when she feels stressed out and tired from the long day, especially when she has to help her passengers with their luggage, but she is happy that she can still provide for her family.

Photo credit: Fedtri Yahya / The Independent

It is also worthy of note that Grab does not discriminate against her being an old lady, allowing her to keep her job and earn an honest living for her husband and son.

How to Be a Grab Driver?

Grab does not provide vehicles for their drivers; thus, you should have a vehicle you can register with Grab before your application is approved.

To apply, sign up online via Grab’s official website in your country. Wait until Grab contacts you.

Another option is to visit their office to directly apply. You can contact their website or local social media site for the exact address in your country or city.

Once approved, you have to attend the training and onboard program. Then, you have to sign the contract so you can start accepting bookings from passengers.