Pres. Duterte Holds Back Tears as He Listens to Speech of Blind Soldier

On National Heroes Day, President Rodrigo Duterte honored dozens of soldiers who were wounded in action in a dinner he hosted in Malacañang Palace. One of the highlights of the event was a speech from a blind soldier who had gone viral on social media after his first meeting with the president.

Lieutenant Jerome Jacuba lost his eyesight in battle. He was depressed for the 4 months he was confined at the hospital but he saw a ray of hope when the president personally visited him and his wounded comrades at the hospital.

In his speech, Jacuba lamented how he could no longer see his children, how he could not see their drawings, how he could not see them dance, among other things yet he was thankful for the president because after Duterte’s visit, he got the courage to live.

Not only did Pres. Duterte’s visit boosted his morale, he also received plenty of help from individuals and organizations who learned of his story.

Pres. Duterte hugs Lieutenant Jerome Jacuba Photo credit: Rodrigo Duterte Supporters

Pres. Duterte hugs Lieutenant Jerome Jacuba
Photo credit: Rodrigo Duterte Supporters

He thanked the president for what he had done to him and his comrades. Today, Jacuba is taking a computer course for blind people, allowing him to function and find work in the future despite being blind.

The president could be seen in a pensive mode, trying to hold back tears as he listened to Jacuba’s speech.

In closing, the soldier declared with emotion, “Until the last drop of our blood, we will fight under your leadership. We will die serving the country because we have seen the sincerity of our president. It is an honor to serve under your leadership.

In response, the president assured Jacuba, “…I will reinvent you from being a soldier to a soldier without sight but still functional.

Watch Jacuba’s touching speech here:

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