The Richest Lottery Winners Who Ended Up Broke for the Craziest Reasons

Winning the lottery is something that is so difficult to achieve; though there are those who are so lucky they even win twice! So, if you win the lottery, what will you do?

Many lottery winners are just ordinary people who took their chance on a game of luck and won a lot of money, changing their lives forever. But money is not the solution to everyone’s problems, so it seems, for many of these lottery winners spiral back to the lives they had been in before winning (or worse!) because of the craziest reasons.

Take for example these ten people featured by YouTube channel, The Richest. We could say these people are quite lucky for winning those incredible amounts of money yet they ended up broke because of poor choices such as indulging in bad habits like gambling or drug addiction.

What would you do if you win the lottery with such huge amounts of money? Well, let’s just hope you will manage your funds wisely, send us some $$$ for good luck (LOL!), and hold on to your good fortune unlike this sorry bunch of people…

Things to Do After Winning the Lottery

Here are some tips to help you from spiraling back to square one after winning the lottery:

  • Try to remain anonymous
  • Don’t do anything drastic (like buying a fleet of supercars)
  • Pay off all your debts
  • Invest the money (with the help of financial experts)
  • Do not go on a wild spending spree
  • Make a budget of your winnings
  • Try to live within this budget so you don’t end up losing all your money
  • Make allotments for your kids and your future

These tips might sound too simple but as you have seen in the video above and read in many stories, a lot of lottery winners end up broke and in debt even after winning millions of money!

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