Thai Millionaire Withdraws $315k Offer, Says Daughter’s Choice is ‘Too Handsome’

Recently, a Thai millionaire went viral after he offered 10 million baht ($315,000) to anyone who would win his daughter’s heart – as long as he also passes the test at his durian farm. But the 10,000 suitors are left scratching their heads after the rich old man withdrew the offer because his daughter’s choice is ‘too handsome’!

Arnon Rodthong, 58, had posted the call for potential suitors for his youngest daughter, 26-year-old Karnsita Rodthong. According to the Thai millionaire, he was getting old but his daughter doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get married at all.

The millionaire wrote that he was serious about his offer and would give the winning suitor the money, even showing the stacks of cash he was going to give as well as a house, 10 vehicles, and his durian empire.

Photo credit: Arnon Rodthong – Next Shark

He isn’t even picky about his future son-in-law, he claimed.

Doesn’t have to be that smart, they just have to be able to read and write (please don’t bring your diplomas to the house).

Hardworking and not lazy.

Stingy about money and loves durian.”

With such an incredible offer, over 10,000 men sent their applications, flooding the comments’ section of his post as well as his messenger account. He would later delete the original offer and told the young hopefuls to go to his farm on April 1 for a 3-month challenge.

Whoever remains at the end of this period will be the winner. If more than one man remains, the ‘competition’ will be extended for 3 more months until only one winner remains – but he would also let this daughter take a pick, if she likes someone from the ‘applicants’.

Photo credit: Arnon Rodthong – Next Shark

Premyosapon Khongsai, 28, was among the social media favorites of all the suitors.

I’m interested. I am 28-years-old. My family also grows Durian in Trat province. We have over 300 trees… I can weather the sun and the rain. I can drive a 10-wheel truck and tractor. Please consider me, father Arnon. Thank you,” the young man wrote.

With such impressive response to the offer, it was easy to see why Premyosapon easily became the crowd favorite. Soon, Karnsita would take notice of the young man – and told her dad she’s found her perfect suitor.

Photo credit: Premyosapon Khongsai / Facebook

Surprising everyone, however, Arnon withdrew the offer as he believes Premyosapon is ‘too handsome’ and that he might break Karnsita’s heart! Uh oh. But Arnon promised to still give whoever his daughter will marry all the gifts he tried to offer for her suitor on social media.

Photo credit: Premyosapon Khongsai / Facebook

A lot of people were quite disappointed, but many are hoping Premyosapon would actually try to find a way to meet Karnsita and win her heart for real!