Teacher Uses Own Money to Buy Food for Struggling Students

A teacher uses her own money to buy food for struggling students in her community. The kind deed has gone viral, with many netizens praising her for taking up her role as these kids’ second parent.

Teacher Brings Food to Struggling Students

Countless people have lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis. This led to millions of hungry people who have no means of finding food because jobs are scarce with so many businesses and offices forced to close.

Many of these hungry folks are children whose parents lost their jobs. With schools making use of online classes and blended learning systems to prevent the spread of the virus in their facilities, the kids get to study at home. However, many are not able to concentrate due to lack of gadgets, no guidance, and also hungry stomachs.

Understanding what many of her students are going through, kind-hearted counseling teacher Maisarah Hannan of St Cecilia’s Convent Secondary School in Sandakan, Malaysia decided to use her own money to buy food for these struggling young ones. The 35-year-old teacher said that she received a lot of messages from her students as they struggled to cope with hunger amid the crisis.

Taking matters into her own hands, Maisarah went shopping for various food and groceries that she personally delivered to these kids’ homes! Soon, the other teachers learned of her advocacy and also helped out.

They don’t ask for much. They just want food. I tried finding ways to provide for them, including using my own money and getting as much help as I can from other fellow teachers,” Maisarah said.

Some students come from underprivileged families and their parents have either been laid off or can’t find jobs during this Covid-19 pandemic. My colleagues and I went down to the villages to distribute basic necessities to the students’ houses. I have kept up with this effort because I know many of them are affected by this pandemic, especially with the high amount of cases recorded in Sabah at this time.

Thanks to this kind teacher, a lot of kids were able to have food despite their parents losing their jobs.

We are helping as much as we can. Hopefully, this contribution can ease some of their burdens,” she said happily.

Jobs Amid COVID-19

Millions of people lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis, particularly those in the travel industry and businesses that are deemed as “non-essential”. Jobs like those of delivery riders have actually become popular as people are forced to stay at home and simply place their orders from restaurants.

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