Taxi Driver Earns Praise after Returning New iPhone 6 Plus

When commuter Reijiro Sato left his new iPhone 6 plus in a taxi while on his way home, he was overcome with grief and shock after watching (using a lost phone tracker) the phone moving along the highway.

The incident happened in Clark – and it appears that he was not able to take note of the cab’s plate or body number.

He would later reveal that the phone is new as it was barely in his hands for month when the incident happened. We all know just how that surely must have felt, right? Losing any phone is hard enough – but losing Apple’s newest (and most expensive?) model is certainly a huge blow!

Using the same app he utilized for tracking the whereabouts of his smartphone, Reijiro placed his friend’s mobile number as the callback number for the phone and waited…

It was some time before the phone he was tracking stopped moving. A short while later, his friend’s phone rang – and it was the taxi driver on the line! The man promised to return the phone and did exactly that!

Overjoyed that his phone is back in his hands, the commuter took a photo of the taxi driver whose name is Rowel David (driving taxi plate number AAW8606) and shared it on Facebook as recognition for the man’s actions.

Here’s Reijiro’s original post on Facebook:

iPhone 6 Plus

Announced and released last September 2014, the iPhone 6 Plus (or iPhone 6+) is Apple’s latest and most expensive smartphone to date. It was released alongside the iPhone 6 but is much bigger than its “twin” as it boasts of a 5.5-inch screen compared with the 4.7-inch screen of the “regular” iPhone 6.

Aside from its size advantage, the iPhone 6 plus also offers more features and a better display without becoming thicker. Thus, it quickly became a favorite among Apple fans who enjoyed being able to do a lot of things with their phone, including real-time video editing, ultra-secure shopping using fingerprint technology, and other awesome activities.

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