Teacher Gets a Haircut to Match Bullied Student’s Hair

Teachers could truly make a difference in their students’ lives, especially when the children are still so small and easily bullied by others into thinking they are not good and don’t look great just because they are different.

A kindergarten teacher in Willis, Texas, recently viral after she cut her hair to match a student bullied for her short hair.

Teacher Shannon Grimm noticed that one of her students seemed sad and quieter, choosing to stay away from the other students who were playing with each other.

Kindergarten student Prisilla Perez had always been a happy little girl since the start of the school year, but suddenly turned quiet and wouldn’t want to mingle with her classmates. Teacher Shannon asked the child how she was doing and why she seemed sad; the teacher learned that the young girl had been bullied by many of her classmates when she cut her hair.

Photo credit: SunnySkyz

But the pixie cut actually looked great on Prisilla!

After telling her students that it was wrong to laugh at another person of looking different or dressing up differently, the teacher made another point by also cutting her hair to match the bullied student’s hair.

With her new haircut, Teacher Shannon now looks similar to Prisilla – much to the young girl’s delight! The kind teacher also went beyond her call of duty by bringing extra hair pieces each day so she could have matching bows and headbands with the little girl.

Prisilla is no longer bullied in school. In fact, a lot of students now want to be like her because she gets a lot of cute little bows from their teacher!

Photo credit: SunnySkyz

For showing bravery and courage at a difficult time, little Prisilla was named as “District Student of the Month”, an honor she received at the Willis Independent School District board meeting on February 11.

But after receiving the award, the little one had a surprise for Teacher Shannon: a medal for being her hero! Awwwww.