Teacher Drives Out to Students’ Homes, Teaches Them at the Back of Her Own Truck

A teacher drives out to her students’ homes and teaches them at the back of her own truck. She earned praise from netizens who admired her dedication to ensure learning for these students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teacher Finds Way to Teach Her Students

Nay Esp is a teacher who works in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes. While schools have reopened in other places, Mexico kept its schools closed to keep the kids safe from the pandemic. Sadly, many students are not able to attend online school because the classes do need gadgets and internet connection – they don’t have both!

A dedicated teacher, Nay Esp decided to take matters in her own hands to ensure that her students could still learn. She explained that though the conditions are difficult across her state, it is worse for students with special needs like those in her class.

Less learning materials are prepared by the government for students with special needs. Thus, the teachers are the ones who have to be creative in making these materials and also finding ways to deliver these to the students.


Photo credit: Nay Esp / GoFundMe

But because most of these students’ parents are not also capable of teaching their kids, Nay Esp decided to do everything on her own. She prepared the materials out of her own pocket, then set out to deliver these to her students’ homes.

Then, this wonderful teacher spent hours with each student, teaching them at the back of her own truck! She’s using her own money for everything yet still feels happy that she is able to do this for her beloved students, whom she treats as her own kids.

Someone told her to set up a GoFundMe campaign so they could also help send money to fund the needs of Nay Esp and her students…

Ways to Help Students with Special Needs

  • Break down instructions into smaller, manageable tasks
  • Give students with special needs opportunities for success
  • Limit distractions and maintain an organized classroom
  • Use multi-sensory strategies
  • Use music and voice inflection
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