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Airline Throws Graduation Party for Students on Flight Home after College Closed from COVID-19

WestJet recently went viral for throwing an impromptu graduation party for some senior students on their flight home after their college closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The moment brought smiles on many people’s faces, with lots of netizens saying that it was good for the airline to do this for the students. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

School Closed from COVID-19

Just like many schools across the world, Briercrest College and Seminary in Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada, announced that it would temporary close to protect its staff and students from COVID-19. With classes suspended until further notice, major activities such as graduation rites have been canceled as well.

The women’s volleyball team of the school competed in the CCAA National Championships in Quebec City last week. Four of its members are seniors who were supposed to graduate but are now unable to do that as the school closed.

impromptu graduation party on airplane
Photo credit: Nancy Watt Garner / Facebook

Needless to say, the flight home was rather sad for the team. But when the flight attendants on their flight home learned about their plight, an impromptu graduation and mini party was held for the seniors, in coordination with Briercrest’s chaplain, Joelle Epp.

Fun Graduation on the Airplane

I was so shocked! I didn’t think [it] would actually happen. Everyone on the plane was clapping and loving it, it seemed like,” shared Rebecca Garner, one of the seniors who ‘graduated’ on the airplane.

Rebecca Garner, Ashley Erickson, Kirsty Kindrachuk, and Elicia Weibe didn’t get their real graduation from school as the semester abruptly ended but they had a unique graduation on the plane! Now, that’s fantastic, right?

So, my daughter, basically all she did was [say], ‘Hey Mom, I graduated, I don’t have to finish my school. I got a certificate.’ I was just happy because everybody was panicking over the coronavirus, and this is just finally something nice that somebody did,” said Rebecca’s mom, Nancy Garner.

Here’s a video of their ‘graduation’:

GRADUATION ON WESTJET FLIGHT ✈️ With all the craziness that is going on in this world, West Jet did something very special for the athletes that had just finished VB Nationals #CCAA in Quebec City. These athletes are graduating this year. Briercrest College and Seminary is closing down and will be finishing up with online courses. Watch this, it warms my heart to see the compassion they have shown our girls. Thank you WestJet for showing kindness. This will be such an amazing memory for all of us! #WestJet Congratulations Ashley Erickson, Kirsty Kindrachuk, Rebecca Garner and Elisha Weibe. Love you ladies!! A heart warming story in the midst of heart broken college graduates. #briercrest #globalnews #ellendegeneres #cbcnews #quebeccity #caranport #graduation #tsn #athletes #ACAC #sportsnet #volleyball #cancelledgraduation #graduates #theellenshow

Posted by Nancy Watt Garner on Sunday, March 15, 2020

What’s a Senior?

A ‘senior’ means an older person. In school, seniors are the ones who are in the highest level. The term ‘senior’ is also used for persons who have higher ranks in an authoritative position, regardless of age.

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