Student Goes Viral for Studying on the Roof to Find Best Signal

A student studies on the roof to find the best signal. Her picture shows the plight that many students suffer now that the COVID-19 crisis has closed the schools for face-to-face learning.

Finding Better Signal

In the US and other countries with far advanced technology, the internet connection is rarely a problem for homeschooling. Many of the parents can also afford to provide their children with gadgets. In fact, most already have their own phones and computers/laptops.

But in poorer countries, this is a huge challenge that many students and parents have to deal with. Aside from the lack of gadgets, there’s also the problem of finding a good signal for a more stable connection.

Namitha Narayanan lives in Kottakkal in Malappuram, a town in the state of Kerrala, India. She has her own cellphone, alright, but the student keeps getting problems with the internet connection. The signal on her mobile phone is really just too slow for doing research and sending her assignments/tests to her teachers while indoors.

So, the final-year BA student at the KMCT Arts and Science College at Kuttippuram climbed up the roof to find better signal. She actually found a good spot on the roof with the best connection and was able to study.

student studies on roof

Photo credit: Manorama

Namitha’s sister, Nayana, was amused to see her sibling perched on the rooftop but she also felt pity that she had to be on the roof to find signal. So, Nayana posted a photo of Namitha on her WhatsApp status.

The picture quickly went viral, with many people praising Namitha for her dedication to her studies and slamming internet service providers (ISPs) for the slow service as well as the government’s insistence on holding online classes.

Trying to save face, several ISPs offered the student with free high-speed internet connection.

After seeing the news reports, several internet service-providers called. Jio was the first one to approach us. They have given us free three-month high-speed connectivity. Technicians turned up and ensured that my phone also had a full-range connection. Now, I am able to continue with my studies,” she explained.

But she’s not the only one with this problem. According to Namitha, other students in the area are also having difficulties with their internet connection.

After the 3-month free period is up, netizens worry that Namitha would again be climbing the roof to find signal. Many believe a better, long-term solution is needed – and not just for Namitha but for everyone else!

Ways to Improve Internet Connection at Home

To improve your internet connection at home, try the following approach:

  • Refresh your modem/router by turning it off for a few seconds. Turn on again. Do this at least once a month.
  • Check your data cap and internet speed level with the ISP. Perhaps you’re only paying for a slower connection with lower data cap. You can improve by upgrading your account.
  • Check your device. Perhaps the lag is due to malware and too many browser tabs opened.
  • If all else fails, try finding a different ISP.