New Zealand Offers Special Scholarships for Pinoy Students

Would you like to study abroad, particularly in New Zealand? If yes, we have some good news for you! New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines David Strachan invites Filipinos to apply for scholarships that the government of New Zealand specifically offers to Pinoys!

According to Strachan, his country has a total of 24 post-graduate scholarships offered every year for Filipinos, particularly in these 3 sectors: agri-industries, disaster risk management, and renewable energies – all three sectors are quite useful for the Philippines, of course.

What makes New Zealand an awesome option for students is that it has an excellent education system. In fact, all of its 8 universities rank among the best universities in the world!


Southeast Asia for Education New Zealand Regional Communications and Strategic Relations Manager Ben Burrowes said, “We are also the only country in the world [that] has all of its universities on the top 500 worldwide. So our products [have] quality.

A lot of Filipinos know this for a fact and had gone to study in the country. In fact, there were about 3,600 Pinoy students in New Zealand last year.

There was an 83 percent increase in the number of Filipino students going down to the courses in New Zealand,” said Strachan.

Although the scholarship is open for all Filipinos, Strachan is hoping that students from Mindanao will also apply. He said, “We would like to get more students from Mindanao including Moro students and Lumad students to apply for these scholarships.

Where to Apply for New Zealand Scholarship?

To apply for scholarship in New Zealand, simply head off to the New Zealand Education website. You can find a number of study programs, based on the levels of study and subjects you wish to pursue. The scholarship options are also posted on site – and you can easily check how to apply for one using the search options available on the website.