Taylor Swift Look-Alike Speaks Out After Getting Bullied Online

Keitra Jane is an absolute head-turner. This 21-year-old student from the University of Utah bears a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift. People often mistake her for the gorgeous pop star.

As Seventeen.com shared:

“Keitra gets mistaken for Taylor ALL the time, especially in Disney World, where people always ask to have their photos taken with her, which she swears she doesn’t mind doing. She gets asked for pics at her doctor’s office, at the mall, while on a cruise ship with her family, and even at the airport when people think she isn’t looking.”


Keitra also said “The last couple times I traveled I had my cat, Marissa Cooper with me, and a bunch of girls thought that it was Taylor’s cat, Meredith.”

Unfortunately though, she’s also getting bullied a lot on the internet.

In an interview with the above-mentioned website, Keitra confessed that her friends would sometimes send her photos with comments that say “inappropriate things,” mostly pertaining to her body type. One type, someone described her as “Taylor with a bigger rack” while another commenter said she’s “a fatter Taylor Swift.”

Naturally, she wasn’t happy with all the bullying. Besides, she suffered from body dysmorphia just several years ago and was even around 30 pounds lighter because of anorexia and bulimia. Fortunately, she triumphed over those difficulties with the help of her loved ones.

So instead of staying silent, she decided to speak out on her Instagram account.

This is what she wrote online:


Keitra’s post has earned massive support from her friends and online followers.

Well, it’s a good thing that Keitra knows how to get back at these bullies. Hopefully, that will be enough to put an end to all the bad comments.

For the rest of us, social media users, we really should think before we type anything about anyone online.