Top 5 Nonsense Kris Aquino News that Shouldn’t Have Made National Headlines

As a media personality and the presidential sister, it is true that the media has its eyes on Kris Aquino – following her every move; recording every little bit that she does, anywhere she goes.

Still, there are some things that do not really have to be in the news, trivial stuff that are ordinary events for many people yet have made it to the national headlines of tabloids, blogs, and even mainstream media!

What’s funny is that these only made it to the headlines because it happened to Kris. If this ordinary event happened to an ordinary person, it would not even make local news. LOL.

Here are top 5 news reports about Kris or her family that shouldn’t have made national headlines:

1. The cake she received from James Yap

When ex-husband James Yap [and his new girlfriend] sent Kris an expensive caviar cake for Christmas, the photo she shared on Instagram quickly made it across many sites, including mainstream media like GMA News.

Photo credit: Kris Aquino/Instagram

Photo credit: Kris Aquino/Instagram

People exchange gifts during Christmas – why is this cake more popular than all the other cakes? Well, because it was from James Yap to Kris Aquino, of course!

2. James Yap spends time with Bimby

How is this news??? James Yap is Bimby’s father, so it is but natural that he would want to spend Christmas or any other special occasion with his son, even if he is not anymore in a relationship with the child’s mother.

James Yap spending Christmas with Bimby

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

Still, mainstream media ABS-CBN News picked up this news report. Kind of weird.

3. Bimby bitten by their pet dog, Prada

Alright, we are not heartless freaks here. The child was bitten by a dog, after all. Still, it would be funnier to read about Bimby biting Prada – that’s a joke, of course. LOL. Anyway, Bimby looks fine in Kris’ Instagram post shared by Inquirer.

bimby bitten by dog

Photo credit: Instagram/Inquirer

4. Kris buying land for Josh and Bimby

Kris is very rich – no question about that. So, why would buying land for her kids even make it to national headlines? People buy land and property for their families, their kids.

We’re not jealous, really, but this news is certainly not news. I bought land for my kids, too, but this information did not make it to the news because I am not a celebrity, of course. LOL.

My point is, she bought land for her own kids – what’s news there? If she bought land for, say, a suitor’s children, then that would be a juicy tidbit of news because you simply don’t buy land for other people’s kids, right?

kris buys land for josh and bimby

Photo credit: Instagram/ABS-CBN News

Anyway, ABS-CBN News reported that this land will be for the swimming pool and outdoor area for Josh and Bimby. How nice.

5. Kris suffers allergic reaction

Everyone gets sick from time to time but news of Kris suffering an allergic reaction from accidentally drinking Josh’s medicine made it to the headlines of national and even international news sites such as Kicker Daily.

Kris suffers allergic reaction

Photo credit: Instagram

Again, the reason this made the news is because it was Kris Aquino who got sick – with allergies. Hmmm

Alright, this is completely unrelated but the photo made us laugh:

pido dida with kris aquino