Singing Nun’s Awesome Version of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” as Religious Song

Do you remember Sister Cristina? The ‘Singing Nun’ of “The Voice Italy”? She made waves across the world for her superbly awesome performances of popular pop songs, singing “No One” during the blind auditions. She won the competition.

Last week, she released her own version of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, transforming it to a religious song. Crazy, isn’t it? Now, you do have to watch the video to understand that there was nothing ‘sexual’ about the whole thing.

As crazy as it might sound, she was actually singing to God, singing about holy love – unlike Madonna’s original song.

As expected, she earned a lot of bashing and hate comments from people who did not even bother to watch the video – yet if you do watch it, you will understand why she personally chose the song as her first single. Just don’t judge the song by the word “virgin” because it was taken in a religious context.

Go watch the video to judge for yourself whether Sister Cristina nailed “Like a Virgin” as religious song or if it had any sexual undertones.