Supportive Dog Mom Runs to Help Daughter Carry a Giant Stick, Cute Video Goes Viral

Moms are known to be very supportive of their children. But this does not only apply to human moms but also holds true to other moms in the animal kingdom! Recently, a cute video of a supportive mom running to help daughter carry a giant stick went viral – and you’ll definitely love it!

supportive mom

Photo credit: Instagram – @thelifeofwillowandpreston  / Tanya

Tanya, the owner of several dogs including two Labrador retrievers, shared the cute video on Instagram where it quickly went viral.

Supportive Mom

According to Tanya, Willow is such a caring, supportive mother who knows how to train her daughter about the tricks and skills she learned on her own. Just like a human mother, Willow nurtures and teachers her daughter Harper that it’s really so sweet to watch.

But in once recent trip to the park, Tanya was able to catch a sweet moment between the two.

Just like most dogs, Willow and Harper both loved picking up sticks and carrying these with their mouths. Whether they are trying to play fetch or simply carrying the sticks around as the run, the dogs just love to pick up sticks. Willow had also taught Harper how to properly move big sticks through obstacles.

During this momentous trip to the park, Harper found a giant stick! For the dog, it was a fantastic find! But she soon realized that her treasure is too big to carry. While she could lift the thing on her own, it was too heavy and too long to move past two posts. Realizing she won’t be able to move the stick Harper dropped the treasure.

Mom to the Rescue

But Mommy Willow was actually just observing the whole thing from a few feet away. Seeing her daughter give up, Willow ran towards the 2-year-old Harper and helped carry the stick. Together, the two managed to bring the stick – and Willow taught Harper how to overcome this obstacle.

Check out the sweet video here:

Why Do Dogs Love Sticks?

Since dogs can’t talk, they can’t tell us what they’re thinking but many animal lovers believe that dogs love sticks because these are similar to bones. Others think that with dogs’ curious nature, they simply love to explore – and since sticks are abundant, these easily become their favorite thing to pick with their mouth.