WATCH: Adorable Kids Amazingly Play Guitars They Could Barely Hold Properly

It is always a good thing to start your kids young in many things positive – be it in learning music or helping in chores around the house or in having good manners. Of course, there are parents who prefer to start their kids really young by teaching them to read and write or other things like learning music even at age 1!

We have nothing against those kinds of parents, of course, as it is our belief that each parent knows what is best for his/her children and that other people do not have the right to judge them based on what they let their parents learn and do at a young age – unless they are abusing the kids.

In North Korea, people start their kids young in a lot of things, including learning music. This led to this adorable video of a group of little kids who could barely hold adult-sized guitars properly yet were able to produce music in beautiful synchrony!

Screenshot from video by thehypnoguy1's channel / YouTube

Screenshot from video by thehypnoguy1’s channel / YouTube

I could not imagine what these kids had been through to learn how to play the guitar at such a young age, considering that when I tried learning to play the guitar, the strings cut at my fingers so hard that I eventually gave up. But these kids are amazing!

Unlike me, they never gave up on their dreams to learn how to play the guitar. They must have nursed wounded fingers when they first learned how to play but all those paid off now that they are so good at their craft that the world has taken notice.

To date, the video of these kids playing guitar has over 49.9 million views since this was posted back in 2011. Truly, many people enjoyed watching these tiny people playing great music on adult-sized guitars…

What’s the Earliest Age to Learn Guitar?

Parents who want their kids to learn guitar are not sure at what age to introduce them to guitar lessons. The rule of thumb, really, is when your child is ready! Remember that younger kids have a shorter attention spans; however, you can start as young as 4 or 5 as long as you find a patient teacher.

Also, it would be a good idea to buy a child-sized guitar.

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