Successful Filipino Architect in Japan Returns to the Philippines to Become a Fulltime Farmer

An architect who has made a name for himself and earning huge money in Japan, Eman Bundoc did not hesitate to leave those behind to go back to the Philippines and become a fulltime farmer.

But he is no ordinary farmer because he uses natural farming and has become one of the staunch advocates of the practice.

What drove him to leave his successful career was the fact that his family’s farm could face bankruptcy because his father, mother, and elder sister all lost their individual battles with cancer. With no one to manage their farm, Eman took it upon himself to do it.

Believing that the chemicals used in their farm led to his family’s cancer, Eman decided to take a different route: using organic farming methods. He also developed natural pesticides and fertilizers used in his farm – and helping others create these for their own farms!

Eman has found fulfillment in his new career as fulltime farmer, especially because these actually had lots of positive effects in his own being. For example, with his farming job as well as eating fresh, chemical-free produce, he was able to lose weight and feel better!

We’re willing to bet that he does not regret leaving his successful architect career in Japan to become a fulltime farmer in the Philippines!

Here’s a feature report on Eman on Bandila:

Natural or Organic Farming

As opposed to the regular farming methods which make use of various chemicals as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, natural or organic farming makes use of natural ingredients in lieu of these potentially harmful chemicals.

Organic farming combines various techniques such as composting, biological pest control, crop rotation, and other methods to achieve better field.

While the yield might not be as large as when regular farming methods are used, the produce in organic farming are believed to be healthier; thus, they tend to have a higher price tag when sold in the market.

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