Guy Praised for Marrying Girlfriend Despite Her Incurable Skin Condition

She has an incurable skin condition and has lived most of her life in the shadows, away from people who might laugh at her appearance, but Karine de Souza, from Ceará, Brazil, would unexpectedly find someone who loved her for what she is – and even married her despite her appearance!

Photo credit: Daniel Panisson Fotografias / Facebook

The prenup photos of Edmilson Alcântara and Karine made waves online after Daniel Panisson Fotografias shared their photos online.

Have you ever felt love? Have you ever thought about giving up a great love? Have you worried about appearance and forgot to worry about the feeling? So I invite you to feel and live the story of Karine and Edmilson. A story so beautiful and full of inspiration, that will awaken you the most beautiful meaning of life,” the photographer wrote.

In a world where appearance matters more than the feeling, they met was not by chance, it was a meeting of souls, a meeting of acceptance and character and love came up when their souls met and today you are the inspiration for so many people who don’t believe in themselves, in life and especially in love.

While many people might take one look at Karine and run away, Edmilson loved her for her appearance. She already looked like this when they met, but that did not stop him from falling in love. A lot of people questioned why a healthy, handsome young man would choose a girl like her, but for Edmilson, his love for Karine is beyond her physical appearance! He loved her for the wonderful woman she is, despite the scary appearance she might have.

Their story of love gained much attention online, with many expressing admiration on this young man who showed everyone the real meaning of true love! Some naysayers said he’s just after fame and wouldn’t really marry her, but Karine would later share their wedding pictures – and they look so sweet! This is true love…

Photo credit: The Epoch Times

Photo credit: The Epoch Times

What is Incurable?

Incurable means that a condition could not be cured.

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