Social Experiment Reveals Just What People Will Do If Someone Tries to Steal Food

If another diner asked you to watch his food so he can go to the toilet, then a homeless man tries to steal it, what would you do?

A pair of men decided to make a social experiment to see just how people would react when placed in such a situation. One played the diner who had to go to the toilet while the other was the homeless man. Using hidden cameras, they were able to record the reactions of the people asked to watch over the food.

What they were able to record was quite sad considering that most of the people reacted in anger at the homeless man for trying to steal the food. Of course, that is a normal reaction for most people because no one should really condone stealing but many of these people did not try to help as well.

Some of them even resorted to violence, including slapping the homeless guy’s hand or even threatening to hit him with a ketchup bottle! Crazy, isn’t it?

When told that they were filmed for a social experiment, some of these people even got more violent and threatened the guys harm if they don’t hand over the footage.

Meanwhile, there were kindhearted fellows who still did not allow the homeless man to touch the other diner’s food but gave him something else, instead. There were two guys who gave him a cheeseburger and offered to buy him a Big Mac while a group gave him money to buy 2 cheeseburgers.

Another man who appears to be a real homeless guy also stopped the fake homeless guy from stealing the food from the other diner but gave him a nugget.

Watch the video of the social experiment here: