Grandfather Wraps Girl in Plastic, So She Can Hug Her Frontliner Dad

The video of a grandfather wrapping a young girl in plastic so she can hug her frontliner dad has made a lot of people cry. The bittersweet video really sums up what so many people are experiencing these days.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of people to be physically apart from their loved ones because the virus is so sneaky that it could easily infect so many people, even from someone who isn’t showing any symptoms!

Photo credit: Debbie Bustos Contreras / Facebook

Social Distancing and Special Hugs

To stop the spread of the virus, people are told to practice social distancing. This means that people have to stay apart from each other. The distance might differ across various places, but this is for at least 1 meter. But the farther away, the better.

Physical contact is a no-no, especially if someone is a frontliner or had traveled to a place with known positive cases. This is the reason why so many frontliners are unable to go home and be with their families. They are afraid that their families might contract the virus from them.

Photo credit: Debbie Bustos Contreras / Facebook

Recently, a video went viral as it shows a grandfather carefully wrapping a girl in plastic. He lovingly arranges a mask over her face, then gently pushes her towards the other car where her dad is waiting.

The girl happily went to her dad, so she can give him a hug. It’s such a heartbreaking thing to watch this kid needing to be wrapped in plastic before she could even give her dad a hug – and the encounter had to be short because he needs to go back to work again. Plus, the shorter the contact, the lower the risk of her contracting the virus if he has it.

Photo credit: Debbie Bustos Contreras / Facebook

How hard. We never even dreamed that we were going to see this one day,” wrote Debbie Bustos Contreras as she uploaded the video.

The heartbreaking video has gone viral, gaining over 10 million views in less than a week! Watch it here:

How to Avoid COVID-19

The virus is so small that it’s virtually invisible, yet it quickly spreads out from one infected person to another. There are also studies of the virus being able to survive on various surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, steel, and others for a couple of hours.

To avoid COVID-19, it is best to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Stay at home
  • Do social distancing when going out
  • Wear mask, but always throw away disposable masks or wash reusable ones
  • If possible, wear gloves but throw this away after every use
  • If sick, seek help immediately
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