This Shaft-Less Elevator is Perfect for Your Home!

There is no denying the fact that most old people are not as nimble or strong as they had been in their youth; thus, they might need special equipment to help them walk and move around. Modifications in their homes are often in order not just to help them get in and out of the house but also to move from one floor to another.

This is where the shaft-less elevator can come handy. Of course, it is not just for old people but it is quite the ideal equipment to add to a home with elderly adults.

Because the elevator does not have a shaft, it would be a good option for any type of home with an upper/lower floor – one only has to make sure that there are no kids who could accidentally fall off the hole or get crushed under the elevator when it is going down. Due to these safety concerns, this type of elevator is not ideal for homes with small kids.

Screenshot of video by Look4Design

Screenshot of video by Look4Design

But can you just imagine how great this elevator would be in your home? Getting up and down to another level would be a breeze! Or if you had to carry a heavy object upstairs or downstairs, you simply have to place it inside your personal elevator, granted that it would fit inside, of course.

Not only is this elevator great for homes with old people, it can also perfect for those with differently abled residents since this can help them get to another level without the need for stairs.

With a capacity of 250kg, this would surely come handy for many homes.

While many argue that this type of addition can make people lazy because they no longer have to use stairs, there is no denying the fact that this might not be for everyone but could surely be very useful in many homes!

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Shaft-Less Elevator Fits Into Any Home.
MUCH nicer than the stair climbing chairs.

Posted by Look4Design on Monday, April 18, 2016