‘Sad Grandma’ Gets Happy Ending After Story Goes Viral

Now dubbed as the ‘Sad Grandma’, an allusion to the viral ‘Sad Papaw’ of some weeks ago, 89-year-old Magdalene Jourdan also got her happy ending after her story went viral on social media.

Magdalene has been painting for most of her life – starting her art career in as early as 2 years old.

She never got the chance to have an art exhibit by herself; thus, she quickly grabbed the chance when the Thompson Public Library in North Grosvenor Dale, CT offered her one.

Entitled “Reflections of a Lifetime”, the art exhibit showcased her artwork through the years. Dozens of her artwork were put on display in the library – and the excited Magdalene put on her best dress and excitedly waited for art patrons to come visit her show but the rainy day brought in just a handful of curious minds.

When the day started, she couldn’t wait to share to the visitors her stories about the artwork she created but the day ended with the sad grandma lamenting to granddaughter Lily Jourdan, 17, how no one showed up to her exhibit.

Photo credit: Twitter/Lily Jourdan

Photo credit: Twitter/Lily Jourdan

Lily, who also had another commitment that day and wasn’t able to visit the exhibit, took to Twitter to share her grandma’s experience in hopes that some people would go to the library to checkout her grandma’s life works.

True enough, Twitter responded – the tremendous response from netizens who promised to visit was quite overwhelming and the Sad Grandma is no longer sad, especially upon learning that people coming from as far as Illinois, Florida, and California are planning to check out her artwork!

Lily thanks the internet for making her grandma happy again – and shares to everyone that Magdalene’s exhibit will be on display at Thompson Public Library until May 25, 2016.

We’re happy that this sad grandma’s story had a happy ending. This is one of the reasons why we’re glad the internet exists!