Girl’s Tweet About Sad “Papaw” Goes Viral

A grandfather whose grandkids affectionately call “Papaw” invited his 6 grandkids to dinner and made 12 burgers but when only one of them showed up, he felt sad. In fact, he was so sad that the only grandkid who accepted the dinner invitation took pity on him; thus, she took a snapshot of her sad Papaw and shared it on social media.

In her post on twitter, Kelsey Harmon (@kelssseyharmon) posted a photo of her Papaw, shouting out to the whole world that she loves him.

…and in true social media fashion, Papaw’s sad photo quickly became viral!

Many praised Kelsey for taking the time to have dinner with her grandfather, with many netizens even commenting that they wish they also had a chance to have dinner with their own grandparents before they had passed away.

But while Kelsey got the praise for showing up at Papaw’s dinner party, the rest of his grandkids earned the netizens’ ire. In fact, aside from netizens hunting these cousins down to message them about treating their grandfather better, there were also those who actually dealt death threats and hate messages to Kelsey’s cousins!

The matter escalated to dangerous levels that Kelsey had to make another post, this time to ask netizens to stop harassing her cousins because their Papaw does not really play favorites and that he treats all his grandkids equally even if they were not able to attend the dinner party he himself prepared.

One of the other grandkids, Brock Harmon (‎@BHarmon_10) would later post on Twitter that he made it up to Papaw by visiting the old man for dinner and, yes, eating his now famous burgers. He also revealed that the old man is amused about being viral and that Papaw thanks netizens for making him famous.

Twitter Turns 10 Amid Internal Struggles

With 320 million users as the year 2015 closes, it is easy to see to assume that Twitter is one of the best social media tools of today. Still, despite the huge numbers, the site continues to struggle in terms of finding profitability even as it turns a decade older this week.

Thankfully, Twitter is still one of the most used social media tool especially for journalists and celebrities but its user base has remained stuck at 320 million, actually, and might spell its doom in the near future especially because other rivals are fast gaining over its lead, believes analysts from the Deccan Chronicle.

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