Rescue Dog Saves Girl from Venomous Snake

When a family in Australia decided to adopt a rescue dog from the shelter, they had no idea that they were not just saving his life but their daughter’s as well!

Now, Dobermans have a bad reputation and are often not recommended for families with small children because they can be fierce and deadly, especially if they came from previous homes where they were abused.

In this particular story, the Doberman named Khan did come from a shelter where he was nursed after getting rescued from an abusive home. But this new family loves dogs and the mother, Catherine, did her best to show the dog that he is much loved and welcome in his new home.

Photo credit: NTD TV

It was soon easy to see that Khan and Catherine’s daughter, Charlotte, got along well. The two were inseparable and enjoyed playing together. It seems that the rescue dog has finally found a safe haven to call home where his humans loved him and didn’t intend to abuse him like his previous owner did.

But four days after Khan was adopted, Catherine left the dog and her daughter outside to play when she saw him suddenly behaving strangely. Before Catherine could even get to the two, the dog had already snatched the child and threw her a distance away as the helpless mom watched in horror.

She ran towards her daughter as fast as she could but Khan was not interested in biting the girl at all. In fact, the moment he had thrown her away, he went back to the spot where they had been playing earlier – and battled with a venomous snake!

Sadly, the snake had bitten Khan on his paw but the dog still showed the snake he’s the boss, managing to defeat the serpent. A grateful Catherine rushed Khan to the vet where he was thankfully saved after getting an anti-venom shot.

Photo credit: NTD TV

Catherine was forever grateful that they adopted Khan just in time for him to save their precious child…

What is an Anti-Venom?

Also known as ‘antivenin’, anti-venom is a medication used to treat venomous bites and stings. The cost of anti-venom varies, depending on the type of venom – and it could vary anywhere from $10 per vial to as high as $2,300!

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