Rare Occurrence of “Super Blue Blood Moon” Coming Up, Netizens Feel Worried about Possible Disasters

On January 31, the Earth is in for a rare occurrence of a three lunar phenomena happening in one day. But netizens couldn’t help but worry about possible disasters happening, especially because the triple occurrence has a rather ominous name: ‘super blue blood moon’.

So, are we supposed to feel concerned? After all, it seems that volcanoes are erupting in various parts of the world and earthquakes have affected many areas in recent weeks.

There are also cultures that believe anything involving the moon is of great significance because such could be a sign of disaster coming up.

Thankfully, though, as ominous as it might sound the super blue blood moon isn’t really as scary as you might think.

Let’s break down its components. These three lunar phenomena will be happening on January 31:

Super Moon

The moon isn’t going to become some superhero or something during a super moon. The name simply implies that it is going to be ‘super’, a term scientists have used to mean that the moon will be much bigger than usual at this day because this is the time when it is closest to the Earth.

Because it is closest to the Earth on this particular day, it will also affect the tides more. This means that it could also have more effect on semi-liquid stuff such as lava and magma but don’t worry because it won’t bring about more volcanic eruptions.

Blood Moon

Of the three, the blood moon is really the most ominous considering that it is the most noticeable from Earth. While you might not realize that the moon was larger than usual, you would surely feel scared upon seeing a blood red moon!

So, what’s happening?

Well, don’t worry because this won’t signal some disaster or something scary, like a war or the birth of something evil. That’s too dramatic. In reality, the blood moon is really just a total lunar eclipse wherein the shadow of the Earth is totally covering its surface.

While it looks scary, it won’t cause any more disasters than the super moon.

Blue Moon

OMG! After the blood moon, what’s the blue moon now? Is the moon turning blue as well? The answer is a big, “No!”

The moon is not going to turn blue on a blue moon. In fact, it wouldn’t really be doing anything ‘special’ on that day, except being a full moon. The term ‘blue moon’ is simply used if there are two full moons in one calendar month.

So, there you have it, folks! Nothing crazy is going to happen on January 31 just because there’s a “super blue blood moon” coming up! Whew.

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