Pinay Triplets Finish Junior High School in Top 3 of Their Class

It surely is difficult to raise kids, especially if you have more than one and they are right about the same age range but everyone knows that this can also be quite rewarding. Yes, the challenges and difficulties will always be there but the joy and triumphs also come aplenty!

Take for example these triplets from Naguilian, Isabela in Luzon, Philippines. Ma. Dianah Therese, Ma. Dianah Florence, and Ma. Dianah Joyce graduated from Naguilian National High School as first honor, second honor, and third honor, respectively.

Completing junior high school at the top 3 of their class is surely a joy to the 16-year-old triplets and their parents but their mother, Mary Joy Pascua, admitted that they weren’t surprised with the triplets’ success because these three have been the only ones ‘fighting’ on the top 3 since they were in preschool!

Photo credit: Mary Joy Pascua / ABS-CBN News

The triplets admitted that although they love each other so much, competition is quite strong in them; thus, they often study by themselves, only asking for help when they really feel that the assignment or task is too difficult to accomplish alone.

Despite the tough competition the three experience, they do inspire each other and push one another to reach their goals. Judging by their constant ranking on the top 3, their healthy competition is working in their favor.

Their mom couldn’t help but feel proud of her babies who will be studying in Manila starting this June, as they begin their senior high school. We expect that they would still be as competitive as ever.

All three have the same goal: to become lawyers, just like their father who is now a judge.

Good luck, kids!

What is a Judge?

A judge is a public official who makes decisions on cases in a court of law. Before becoming a judge, he/she must first be a lawyer.

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