Loyal Dog Hugs Master Who Fell from Tree

Dogs are loyal creatures – everyone knows that. Throughout history, they had proven to be so loyal and true to their masters that they have long been considered as man’s best friend.

And such was proven yet again by one dog Bahia Blanca, Argentina who hugged his master and stayed until help arrived after he fell from a tree.

According to reports, 28-year-old Jesus Hueche was trimming a tree when he fell and hit his head on the pavement below. Seeing that his master was not conscious, the loyal dog Tony went to him and gave him a hug as best as he could.

Even when help arrived, the dog continued to cuddle its master, possibly in fear that his master would be gone. Some of the emergency responders calmed Tony down.

Medics placed a neck brace on Hueche and transferred him on to a stretcher but Tony tried to follow the ambulance. Someone was able to keep the dog from following the ambulance, securing him safely back into the house.

Photo credit: Facebook / Def Civil B.Blanca

Thankfully, Hueche’s injuries weren’t serious and he was later released from the hospital the same day.

According to him, he was thankful that he had adopted Tony who proved its loyalty when he fell from the tree. He revealed that Tony had been a stray some years ago but he brought it home and treated like a son.

He goes everywhere with me and lies in my bed until my wife kicks him out,” Hueche joked.

It’s truly wonderful how this man saved the dog in the past, and the dog saved him in the future.

How to Adopt a Stray Dog?

Depending on the rules and laws in your locality, you can easily adopt a stray dog on your own, without the help of the local kennel. There are places where all dogs must registered; if you live there, make sure to inform the local authorities that you’ve adopted one.