Pinay Domestic Helper Takes Hidden Video of Employer Molesting Her in Kitchen

It is a sad reality that many Filipinos have to leave their families in search of a better job with better pay abroad. Sadly, many are abused by the employers in many ways. Some don’t get paid the wages they were promised while other are not just verbally abused but also get sexually molested.

One of these overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) had bad experiences concerning her male employer in Lebanon. One day, she hid her phone in a kitchen cabinet and turned the video camera on so she can take a video of what her employer often does when she’s in the kitchen.

She was able to take a clear video of the male employer molesting her, touching various parts of her body while she washed dishes in the kitchen. But because she ignored his advances, the man eventually stopped and turned away.

Screenshot from video by TULFO News / Facebook

The unnamed Filipina would later decide to leave the house, in fear of her own safety but the female employer refused to believe that her husband would do such a thing. Instead, the Lebanese woman accused the Filipina of trying to seduce her husband and flirting with him, prompting him to respond in that manner.

But the Filipina insisted that she did not entice her male employer. She shared the video which was later posted by TULFO News. The clip had gone viral; although it received mixed reactions from people, reported Kwentong OFW.

While many netizens took pity on the OFW and urged the government to provide better protection for OFWs, especially the domestic helpers, there were also those who actually accused her of not wearing the ‘right’ clothes and for not fighting back so that the man would stop molesting her!

Watch the video here:

What is Victim Blaming?

Victim blaming is the situation wherein the victim of an incident or crime is held partially or wholly responsible for the crime committed against them. For example, rape victims are accused of enticing the rapist with provocative clothes that led to the sexual abuse.