Photos Of Wonderful Random Act Of Kindness That Made People Smile

In a world where we hear about violence and crime every day in our news, it is such a welcome sight to see someone do an act of kindness to somebody they don’t know.

These random act of kindness goes a long way, you never know if your act of kindness is able to save a life by encouraging them to move on.

One random act of kindness went viral when a young student left a note and taped it to a row of candy and toy machines in a store.

The student taped 4 quarters along with the notes that says that anyone can take a quarter for their candy or toy, but only if they take what they need and not all of it.



The sign said:

“Before you take any, please read this!

Here are 4 quarters that you may (carefully) grab and spend on one of the machines. Please only take what you desire, so in other words, don’t take all of them. I decided to do this because it would be kind and nice, (and it was also a project from school). The only other thing I ask you to do, is do a random act of kindness to a complete stranger.”

The sweet message of the student went viral, and it served as our reminder that every little nice things we do can go a long way and serve as an inspiration to some.

Here are other random act of kindness we found on the internet.



“Have fun with your BF this weekend and enjoy being 23, pay it forward to a youngin’ when you’re 30 and old as sh*t. Drive safe!”

Rak 3


This one had an extra coupon for a 2 liter bottle of 7up, instead of getting it for himself, he left it at the shelf for the next person to use.



“My husband just left for his 10 month deployment. Leaving me and my 3 year old stepdaughter to keep each other company. This helps more than most realize. Money is kind of tight right now…This is our first deployment and we are learning a lot. The biggest shock has been all the support we have already received. I’m hoping to get in to a position to pay it forward soon. The world need[s] more kindness, always.”

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