UAE Vlogger Gets Emotional As He Thanked The Filipinos Who Appreciated His Video

Filipinos are known for their enthusiasm and optimism in spite of any difficult situation. They have this purest ability to find reasons to smile even if they feel like the world is against them.

The people who get the chance to be around them just can’t help but feel their overflowing joy and feel inspired and motivated by it.

One UAE vlogger, Khalid Al Ameri noticed that and made a video thanking the Filipinos for the things that they brought to their country.  Khalid talked about how the ability of the Filipinos to smile no matter what, their kindness, and joy of life made his country a better place.

Filipinos, naturally are very thankful for Khalid’s appreciation. It got a lot of views and shares from Filipinos who can’t help but be proud.

Khalid 2


Recently, Khalid posted a video about how he received a message on Whatsapp from a certain person in UAE, named Nadia, whose father is a UAE national and mother a Malaysian, who filmed the Filipinos reacting to Khalid’s video.

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Khalid got emotional for he didn’t expect someone to go out of her way, took her time to film Filipinos to show him the impact of the video he made about the Filipinos.

In Nadia’s video, Filipinos in the UAE thanked Khalil and told him how they appreciate his kindness.

At the end of the video, Khalil then emotionally thanked Nadia, he told her how he felt humbled and speechless.

He then reflected how happy he felt, that:

“if you can do something even something small, something big, whatever it is to make someone’s day a bit better do it.”

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Khalil posted the video on his Facebook account and said,

“I’ve never been this emotional making a video, a young lady from the UAE went around and got reactions from Filipinos who watched my video, I was speechless when I saw it, and I thought that the best way to thank her is to share that video with you all.”

“Thank you, Nadia, for taking the time to do this, you inspire me to work even harder, much love and blessings to you always. I also wanted to take this time to thank all of you for supporting me on this platform, the love and support have been beyond anything I could have ever imagine, I will never take it granted and I hope I continue to educate, entertain and bring us all closer together through these videos. Much love and God bless.”

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