Pet Dog ‘Saves’ Woman’s Life after Destroying Her Passport Before Wuhan Trip

Wuhan, the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province, is now on lockdown due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus that’s spreading like wildfire across China and other parts of the world. Many travelers were affected, but one woman is now thanking her dog for destroying her passport as it might have ‘saved’ her life.

Some are saying that the Taiwanese woman’s dog, Kimi, must have sensed something because it tried to stop her from going to Wuhan by destroying her passport! How the dog managed to get her passport is a mystery, but the dog did it – and the passport was completely destroyed.

Photo credit: Kimi0611 / Facebook

The Taiwanese woman lamented about her Golden Retriever’s antics on her Facebook account. At the time, the virus was already spreading slowly across Wuhan but was still unknown to many people across the world.

Because the passport was totally destroyed, the woman was unable to take the trip. She could have gotten a new passport, but she didn’t bother to do it. After news of the Wuhan outbreak went viral, the Taiwanese woman would post on her Facebook account again as he thanked Kimi the dog for ‘saving’ her life by being a guardian angel.

Photo credit: Kimi0611 / Facebook

Do you guys remember the passport? Throwback, this dog is really protecting me. After my passport was torn apart, the virus began to go where I originally planned to go. If I think about it now, it’s very touching. Fortunately, you blocked me from going on my trip,” the woman wrote.

She’s no longer in a hurry to go to Wuhan, that’s for sure! But she will always be grateful for Kimi whose antics saved her life. Good job on destroying that passport, Kimi!

Photo credit: Kimi0611 / Facebook

Can You Use a Damaged Passport?

A damaged passport is considered invalid and would never be accepted by Immigration officers. You can’t use it, even if it was damaged by your dog or someone else. They won’t accept that reason, even if you have pictures to prove your claim. So, if yours is torn, damaged, or mutilated in some way, make sure to get it replaced ASAP.