Angry Husband Sues Wife of 10 Years after Discovering She was Born a Man

Can you imagine getting married for a decade to someone who didn’t tell you he/she was born in the opposite gender? That’s quite shocking, of course, but if that happens to you, what would you do?

Forty three-year-old Barney Redfield has filed a divorce and is also suing his ex-wife, 46-year-old Helga Groeschlin of $1,750,000 in damages after she had supposedly pretended to be a woman even if she was born a man.

The two had met in San Francisco several years before they became a couple and tied the knot in 1997 after dating a couple of years.

But Redfield recently filed for divorce on accusations of false pretences against Groeschlin. It was triggered by his coworkers’ teasing when he showed them a photo of his wife last year.

My coworkers started teasing me last year about my wife being a man after I had shown them a picture of her. They kept teasing me for months and that’s when I got suspicious and finally confronted her about this issue,” he told the judge.

I was so convinced she was a woman, I even had a vasectomy weeks after we got married since I already had kids from a previous union and we had decided not to have any more.

In Groeschlin’s defense, however, lawyer Helene Church argued that it was next to impossible for Redfield not to know that Groeschlin wasn’t a woman because she had never undergone gender reconstruction surgery.

Groeschlin uses hormones to grow her chest but without the transformative surgery, she still has her male parts.

When the judge asked him about this, Redfield said, “I just thought she had a very large clitoris. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable about it, I never asked any questions.

Groeschlin was quite shocked with her husband’s accusations, saying she never tried to hide anything from him. Although the subject of her gender never came up in the past, she never tried to hide her male parts from him. They frequently shower together and he has seen her standing up while peeing but it was never an issue with him until his coworkers began to tease him that his wife is male.

Perhaps Redfield is really just ignorant about the female genitalia, eh? But he actually had a female wife in the past, with whom he had some kids!

He even tried to bring his mother and kids to court but was shocked by their answers.

It was pretty obvious to us all. Helga [Groeschlin] is such a nice person and I always thought my son was gay anyway, so it wasn’t shocking to me,” Redfield’s mother told the court. His kids also said a similar thing.

Poor guy. He really thought he married a woman and was the only one who didn’t know she is actually a man…