Owner Surprised to Find Out the £600 ‘Purebred Frenchie’ She Bought Was From Different Breed

A dog lover was surprised to find out that the “Purebred Frenchie” she bought for a low price was not what she expected. But, she loved it nonetheless!

Frenchies was not what they expected its breed to be

Photo Courtest: Bethany Cupples via TikTok

Let’s face it, who can’t help falling in love with a cute French Bulldog puppy. That’s exactly what Bethany Cupples, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, felt when she bought their dog “Luna.” Bethany was looking forward to raising a cuddly purebred French Bulldog as a surprise birthday gift for her mother back in May 2020. She went to an online classified advertisement website, Gumtree to look for her mum’s new perfect fur companion. After browsing the numerous listings, Bethany finally found five-week-old Luna and bought it for a “good price” of £600 ($815).

Bethany, who works as a part-timer cleaner, admitted she was swayed with the cheap price, considering the usual price of purebred Frenchies could go as high as over thousands of dollars. But clarified that she “instantly fell in love” with the dog that’s why she chose it to be part of their family.

Months went on and Bethany soon realized that their beloved Luna was not what they expected its breed to be. While the usual French Bulldog should have a short and smooth coat, Luna started growing longer coats. The surprising turn of events didn’t really anger Bethany but earned everyone a good laugh when she shared it on Tiktok.

Posting “before and after” photos of Luna, Bethany wrote, “We bought a puppy for £600 a ‘purebred Frenchie from Gumtree and this is what she turned into..” The video instantly became viral with over 3.3 million views and many expressed their hope that Luna would still be loved despite it failing their expectations. A fellow dog lover wrote, “She is adorable so I hope you still enjoy her. She is the cutest.”

Bethany assured everyone that Luna is very loved and is having a great time in their household.

Luna was taken to the veterinarian, where it was discovered that she is, in reality, a ‘Frorkie’ – a French bulldog combined with a Yorkshire terrier – and that she is in excellent health.

According to Bethany, she has no doubt that the vendor just made an honest mistake in promoting the puppy as a purebred Frenchie. However, she admits she has “absolutely no idea” why Luna was being sold for such a low price of £600.

The 21-year-old explained to LAD Bible, “The seller did just make an honest mistake, I wouldn’t doubt the seller to be a bad seller or breeder. The condition the puppies were left in was immaculate, they weren’t harmed or in harm’s way. They were well-nourished and fed, but despite the age, she left home, we have no concerns about the seller whatsoever.”

In the end, Bethany said they wouldn’t exchange Luna for anything as it is such an amazing dog, no matter what its breed is. She said, “We did look for a Frenchie, but as soon as we laid eyes on her we instantly fell in love. No matter the breed or the price, we welcomed her into our family home with open arms. She made our family whole and we wouldn’t change her for the world, she has the most amazing personality and is a funny individual. We love her to bits.”

Tips to consider when buying a French Bulldog:

The French Bulldog Owner shared a few tips buyers should consider when buying a French Bulldog:

  • Choose a male puppy if you want a more energetic dog
  • Make sure your breeder is knowledgeable
  • Be wary of what seems to be an abnormally low price
    Check the French Bulldog’s eyes – Red eye can be a signal of a health problem
  • Ask to see if there are any spinal problems, look inside the mouth of puppy’s mouth to see if the puppy is suffering from abnormal excess of skin inside.
  • Ask if the puppy has been checked by a vet
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