Who’s the Real Bride? Bride Tells Ladies to Wear Their Old Wedding Dress to Her Wedding

Brides spend a lot of money on their wedding dresses, yet they only get to use that once. Of course, she can hand this down to her daughters, but they probably want to have a gown that would suit their own style. So, most wedding dresses really get worn once.

Now, brides are the center of attention in weddings – and she definitely wears the prettiest gown to highlight this, yet one bride recently went viral for asking all the ladies attending her wedding to actually wear their old wedding dress!

When American actress Audrey Moore got engaged to Jesse Lumen, the two decided they will not have a traditional wedding. With that in mind, the bride invited all the ladies to wear their old wedding dresses to her wedding!

This was certainly a unique wedding – and everyone loved the concept!

Photo credit: Reddit / JGrce

We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, so we invited all the women coming to our non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again!” Audrey shared.

We really wanted our wedding to really represent ourselves, our sense of humor, our creativity, and also not just celebrate ourselves but marriage in general as a choice.”

Plus, Audrey wanted her wedding to also be extra special for her guests. She didn’t mind sharing the stage with these other beautiful ladies, saying she also loved to see them in these gorgeous outfits!

I’ve been to all of their weddings and I saw them all in their beautiful dresses. I wanted them to have the opportunity to wear their really magical, beautiful dress a second time,” the actress explained.

It was like watching a group of princesses come to life.

Her story had gone viral, with many people praising her for the idea. However, there are others who joked that the other ladies were lying because most women would not be able to fit on their old wedding dresses some years after the wedding! LOL. So true…