OFW Forgives Dying Husband for Cheating on Her

It really is sad how there are so many relationships that are broken because the couple live far from each other. This is a reality that many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) face.

One of these OFWs is Patricia Lazaro who worked as saleslady in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

For thirteen years, she did her best to provide her family with a good life in the Philippines, sending them money regularly but when she decided to go home for good, she was surprised at the lukewarm treatment she received from her husband Leo and daughter Marissa.

Instead of feeling happy that she was home, Marissa ignored her and her husband just went out of the house. She would learn from her sister-in-law that her husband actually has a mistress, a woman she would sometimes bring to their house.

Patricia didn’t believe it at first but when she finally met the mistress who was actually proud of having Leo as her ‘husband’, the angry legal wife fought with her. But she would soon realize she was better off going back to Hong Kong.

Some years later, she returned home again but when her husband still chose his mistress over her, Patricia knew it was hopeless to try and get him back. It was a painful situation and Patricia didn’t know what to do but she eventually managed to be at peace and learn how to forgive her husband and his mistress while watching a TV evangelist one day.

While praying along with the preacher, Patricia felt peace. Her heart learned to forgive – and she was amazed at how light and happy she felt afterwards.

She would soon learn that her husband’s mistress died of an illness and her husband was also dying. Other wives would have laughed, even rejoiced, at the news but Patricia immediately flew home to be with her husband.

Leo asked forgiveness which Patricia willingly gave. It was a difficult thing to do for many but for Patricia, it was the best way for her to finally find peace…

What is an Evangelist?

An evangelist is someone who seeks to convert people to the Christian faith, often through public preaching.

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