Boy Cries after Seeing Beggar, Friends Contribute to Buy Food and Give Old Man Money

A group of boys were just happily eating lunch when one of them suddenly burst into tears as he took pity on a beggar asking for alms just outside the restaurant. His friends would soon contribute money to give the old man some cash and food!

Crying Kid

The inspiring moment was captured on camera by Ahmad Firdaus Hashim who was seated just table away from the boys. According to Ahmad, he had just returned to Kuantan, a city in Pahang, Malaysia, when he decided to eat at his favorite restaurant.

boys help beggar

Photo credit: Ahmad Firdaus Hashim / Facebook

While eating, Ahmad saw a group of boys arrive and sit at the table just across his own. He thinks they are from Kuala Lumpur, judging by the jersey shirts they were wearing.

He didn’t really think much about the boys until he noticed that one was crying uncontrollably. Concerned that, perhaps, the boy was being bullied or had a big problem, Ahmad went to the boys’ table to ask what was happening. He was surprised to learn that the kid was crying hard because he took pity on the old beggar he saw.

Help from Friends

Ahmad was amazed at how the other guys began to contribute money, asking each other how much they could spare from their allowance. Then, the boys bought an extra meal for the old man. But they didn’t just give the old man some food; these boys also gave him the rest of the cash they gathered!

The kind gesture touched Ahmad but also made him a bit ashamed that he didn’t think about giving the old man some food.

Kudos, boys!

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